How To Improve Intimacy In Marriage

How To Improve Intimacy In Marriage

Interesting video by Darren Miller for couples, How To Improve Intimacy In Marriage – Marriage Without Intimacy can really be a great help for couples to see it through tough times in married life.

In the years of being together, sometimes couples keep to themselves—especially when it’s about their sex life. One partner might be too shy to tell their partners what they want or what they’re actually feeling inside. It is important for couples to know that in order to keep a relationship healthy, one should take the initiative if they want to have control over married life, and make it a happy one.

That drive could be there all along but bringing it out may be the challenge. For couples to keep their relationships from going sour, they should be creative. Book a hotel and agree to meet up and spend those special hours together. It can be pretty exciting and it can definitely get the spice flowing again.

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Marriage Weight Gain

According to a new study marriage and divorce both can cause weight gain for men and women. Men just out of a divorce genially gain the most amount of weight, while women pile on the pounds once they have tied the knot, according to studies, which was mentioned at the American Sociological Association.

“Obviously, the affects of weight gain differs by gender,” (D.T) Dmity Tumin, lead author of the study at Ohio State University, told the Press.

“Fresh out of divorce for men, to some extent, marriages for women promote weight gain are definitely a large enough to pose a health risk.” The studies we have found in the likelihood of big weight gain following divorces and marriages have increased for couples over the age of 30.

In two years following their marital transition both men and women who married or divorced were more likely than never married people to have a small weight gain.

Additional resources on weight gain causes for marriage or divorce both marriage and divorce can cause weight gain
Be sure to take a look further look at this article that explains more on why both marriage and divorce can cause weight gain. Dr. Zhenchao Qian, a sociology professor at Ohio State University and one of the lead authors of the study explains how this is possible. on marriage, divorce, and your waistline
Marriage, divorce, and your waistline has a great article on CNN reported a story about love, marriage, divorce can affect your waistline, plus more fact finding research reported from American Sociological Association , be sure to read this article.

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