How To Initiate Conversation – If You Are Shy

How To Initiate Conversation – If You Are Shy

This video clip features Marie Dubuque, a leading expert on relationships and dating, who explains how to initiate a conversation if you are a shy person. Marie mentions that being a shy person can make it very hard to start a conversation and make eye contact while smiling What you need to do is take one step at a time.

Start with waving if you see someone, and then smile when someone starts talking to you if you really can’t start a conversation.  When someone begins talking to you and you don’t know what to say just carry on the conversation on the topic they have started. If someone says the weather looks like its going to rain, you would respond in saying “I hope it won’t just had my hair done.” etc.

Be sure to watch this informative video clip with Marie Dubuque.

Men Like Cuddling More Than Women

This article gives an interesting insight on the relationships and sex lives of couples as time goes by. The research carried out by The Kinsey Institute, Indiana has found that to men, it is more important that they are happy in their relationship, while women want to be sexually satisfied. Men like to kiss and cuddle.

Furthermore, the study has shown that contrary to common belief, sex gets better over time and the longer a couple have been together, the greater their sex life as also shown on adultfrinendfinder. It also appears that the Japanese and Brazilians have a better sex life than Americans.

Another interesting result discovered was that the more sexual partners a man has had the less satisfied he is.

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This article looks at a study carried out all over the world on couples who have been together long term. Interestingly, it indicated that men rated physical intimacy such as cuddling as kissing, higher than the women did. Both partners were happier if they had a very active sex life and also became happier the longer they were together. on do men secretly like cuddling

This article discusses research carried out in Indiana on couples and their happiness and sexual satisfaction. The couples in the study had been together between 1 and 50 years with the average being 25 years. The results showed that the longer the couples were together, men wanted more kissing and cuddling while women became more satisfied with their sex life. on dudes-like-cuddling

This short and sweet article explains how research conducted by The Kinsey Institute in Indiana has shown that men like snuggles and cuddles more than they like to let on. The study found that men who had lots of cuddles in their relationship were much happier, while women become happier with their sex lives, the longer they are with their partner.

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