How To Pickup Women

How To Pickup Women

Carlos Xuma, the noted dating expert online, watched a film called Groundhog Day featuring actor Bill Murray. Carlos realized after watching this film that it relates to reality regarding how to pickup women when you stop being a pickup artist. Carlos begins by explaining what happens in the film… Phil Connors, Rita, Larry, the television crew, travel to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day festival as they do every year on the 2nd February where Phil predicts whether the world will last another 6 weeks or not.

After the celebration concludes, a blizzard that Phil predicted they would miss develops, closing the roads and shutting down the phone service. This forces his entire team to turn around and drive back to Punxsutawney.

Phil awakens the next morning listening again to the song “I Got You Babe” only to find out it’s February 2nd Groundhog Day all over and the day unfolds exactly the same way. Phil is aware of the repetition but everyone is reliving February 2nd as if for the first time. This happened the following morning and again and again. His memory of the previous days remains the same in a timeless never-ending loop in this small town over and over.

Then, Phil gets an idea to start taking advantage of remembering the day’s events and the information he is able to get, he starts seducing women in the town. He begins trying to seduce his producer Rita, failing repeatedly, so he decides to reach out to her in a real and inauthentic way. He tells her about his situation that he is reliving the same day over and over again, and he manages to convince her with his extensive knowledge and facts that happens in the day.

Phil opens up to Rita and eventually gives himself a goal for his trapped life, as a giver to other people. He discovers that in a single day he can’t bring others to fulfill his needs, but he can achieve self improvement by helping others a little bit every day.

In the end, Phil enchants his own human understanding and in return he becomes a very popular figure in the town with everyone knowing who he is.

Carlos enthusiastically enjoys the scene where Phil is auctioned off and Rita is witnessing every woman in the room bidding for him like crazy and wonders why.

Carlos Xuma shares an in depth story and relates it to attracting women and how to use login in the relationship world and being yourself, so take a look at this video right away.

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